And then there were 3, welcome Esker Silverglas


Esker Spirits was the only Aberdeenshire Gin Distillery and North-east business to take part in Lidl’s second Scottish Gin Festival last November; and we specially created a 50cl gin called Esker Silverglas for the occasion! 

Esker Silverglas was exclusively sold in Lidl’s Scottish stores during the festival and then joined our core range of spirits, just in time for the Christmas markets. 


What’s it like?


Esker Silverglas is a refreshing gin with notes of citrus and mint; and contains our core Esker-ingredient, sap from the silver birch trees that we harvest from the estate near the distillery. 

Steve says: “Silverglas is another gin that we are very proud of, and were delighted that the latest addition to the Esker range was been chosen to be a part of the Lidl gin festival. It’s a fantastic way to introduce gin lovers to the new spirit and Esker Silverglas was really popular.”


So popular that it was recently a Finalist in the North-east Food and Drink Awards for “Best New Distiller Product”. 

How do I drink it?


Esker Silervglas goes great with a good tonic and garnished with fresh mint. It also makes a great gin mojito!

Our brand ambassador, Julia made us this gin cocktail using Esker Silverglas -

Silverglas Southside

Esker Silverglas
Sugar water
Serve in a chilled glass with ice and fresh mint to garnish


Where can I get it?

Local stockists include Aberdeen Whisky Shop and FountainHall Wines

Esker Spirits